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Kiteboarding is one of the world's fastest growing water sports. Its appeal is huge. From windsurfers to snowboarders and from old to young, kiteboarding is so accessible and extremely addictive. You have been warned!

The Big Blue Unlimited platform and the waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands are the perfect backdrop to stage kiteboarding. Year round warm waters and cooling NE-SE trade winds are a kiteboarders dream.

Beginners and experienced kiters alike will find that the blend of these islands and our local knowledge make for the perfect kiteboarding cocktail. Indeed one year, two kiteboard magazine articles (Kiteboarding & Stance) and a good few kite pros later, Big Blue Unlimited has quickly established itself as the number one "go to" operation here in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Full kiteboarding instruction is available on the latest gear (Naish, Cabrinha, F-One & Mystic) while experienced kiteboarders need only ask about our KiteSafaris and epic down-winders.

No Wind, No Problem. Our extensive array of activities is the perfect alternative. Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Scuba or Beach cruising just for a start.

Kiteboarding/ Kitesurfing

Kiteboarding instruction

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Learning to kiteboard is fun and easy. But it is not without risks. Qualified instruction is highly recommended.

Our PASA instruction is of the highest caliber.

Course Breakdown Approximate Time Price (Per Person) Max Ratio
The Basics 2 hrs $200 1 to 4
Getting Wet 3hrs $300 1 to 2
Private Instruction Min 2hrs $150/hr 1 to 1
Private package 5hrs/8hrs $700/$1100 1 to 1

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Kiteboarding Adventures

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Our Safaris and down winders are serious fun. 3-4 hour sessions with up to 8 kiters can take you though the mangrove cays and channels, across the turquoise and to some of our hidden "back country" stashes. Trust we have a lot of them.

Butter smooth water, ankle deep in places is ideal for boosting mega airs, fanging kiteloops and any thing else you feel like trying.

With the wind on our backs we can take as long as we want to knowing we will be picked up at the end.

Our kitesafaris cover lots of terrain but some of the best is on our doorstep. Our guides are there to help and carry spare screws, a phone and are always ready to "swap" their own gear if our guest riders have an equipment failiure.

Approximate Time Base Price
(1 person)
1/2 Moon Bay 2-3hrs $400 $150 Boat Transport
Down-winders 3-4hrs $500 $200 Boat Support
North Caicos 6-8hrs $1,000 $150 Boat/Land Transfer
Middle Caicos 6-8hrs $1,200 $150 Boat/Land Transfer

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